Finishing Up Month 2 and reflecting upon RTD

Month 2 has been one of the densest months it terms of work and the number of topics covered. Research into team dynamics has taught me how to conduct research and more importantly in my opinion how to look and analyze and find the limitations in another person’s research. My master’s research topic has been both a treat as well as a pain to find research for. I’m not stating that people are not researching or dabbling into the topic of streaming services effect on the game industry, but it has been difficult finding huge large-scale studies or studies with any amount of funding. Granted with the knowledge I have learned from RTD I believe I have most of what I have found. Also, this class as aided in my mastery journey by teaching me how to lead people and the different aspects of a team. From motivating people to facilitating good conflict that can lead to positive results. I plan to use this knowledge in leading my current team on my side project with seems to be progressing nicely. This months knowledge combined with the knowledge I hope to learn next month I plan to seek funding for my external project so the future seems bright even when the world seems to in constant panic.

Published by

Chris Kennedy

Scrum Master at 343

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