MEX coming to an end

The research I plan to look into would be Twitch’s impact on the game industry. This research is important to the industry since if Twitch popularity can lead to increased game sales and an increase to a games lifespan. With more research we can figure out what makes a game “streamable” and how that will impact game design going forward. For month four I pivoted my research to look more into the esports side of streaming platforms to see if I wanted to also explore that side of the topic or if I wanted to strictly focus on the games. My goals for future research include holding my own study or gathering my own data so I can see firsthand what the numbers are saying and then move forward that that knowledge.  My capstone goals include being a producer for a variety of different projects and games and if I can help one of the projects I work on become semi popular in the streaming community then that would be a big boon to both my portfolio and the portfolio of the team I would be working with. For my career goals I hope to one day own my studio so I can use this research to give our games that little extra edge so I can continue to follow my dreams and keep my employees paid and happy. With that being said I plan to continue my research and see what aspects make a game stand out on streaming platforms and how streaming platforms in general are making an impact on the game industry at large.

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Chris Kennedy

Scrum Master at 343

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