Month 9 Post Mortem

What went Right: Team communication went well since we planned everything out in the beginning. Everybody knew what they needed to do at all times so micromanagement wasn’t needed. Also we used a fluid form of agile so as the month went on we continually rescoped and cut features for the project in order to match our current capacity at the time.

What Went Wrong: This was my first project using Jira as the main form and while I did create completion criteria, descriptions, linked issues, and attach reference images I made some mistakes that become apparent later in the month so I have learned more about Jira and what I would do going forward. I messed up the documentation a few times by no double or triple checking things so I have learned how to do that more.

What I learned: Learned more about the documentation that goes into projects as well as how to use Jira in a smarter way including its limitations.

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Chris Kennedy

Scrum Master at 343

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